French Macarons



Have you ever bit into the most delicate, beautiful macaron, and just think, “Mmmmm, this is heaven.”

I haven’t.

It’s probably because I think macarons are not worth $2.00 for such a tiny confection. I’d rather have a hearty ice cream sandwich from the freezer section. Those are just so much more satisfying.


My sister had one of moments with a small box macarons from Brodard Chateau, a Vietnamese/French restaurant in Orange County. I’m not gonna lie, it was pretty good. I just don’t fancy the almond taste in anything other than just naked almond nuts w/ or w/o salt.

Making macarons seems extremely daunting. Trust me on this. . . it is. It’s the thought that you can’t do it that makes baking these so scary. In truth, only 10 cookies were picture-worthy. The rest were not circles. Not even close.


I think my batter was too thin. I may have over stirred it a bit. Whoops!

I made this batch in my pajamas on a rainy day whilst dancing to The Head and the Heart songs. It’s easy to get distracted.  These are vanilla french macarons with chocolate ganache. (I am in love with chocolate ganache, it is so easy to make, and so versatile.)


I made 5 successful macaron sandwiches, not bad. However I will never make them ever again. I will bake fat chocolate chip cookies and tuck slabs of ice cream in between, and all for much, much cheaper and less effort.

I used this recipe for the macaron cookies:

And this recipe for the ganache:


One with raspberry jam









I took a gazillion photos. ;P

– Forrest




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